Welcome to alphaSyntauri.com.  This site will be a collection of information and resources for people to learn about and fix their Alpha Syntauri Synthesizer.

What exactly IS an Alpha Syntauri?
The Alpha Syntauri is an Additive Synth based around the Mountain Computer Music System sound card for the Apple II.  The entire system consists of:
1) Mountain Computer Music System Sound Cards
2) An Apple II+ or IIe (un-enhanced!)
3) An Apple II 5 1/4 disk drive (or two)
4) The Alpha Syntauri Keyboard Interface Card
5) The 4 or 5 Octave Keyboard
6) The Alpha Plus Operating System
7) Metatrak  – Multi-track recording and sequencer

How did I come by this?
A good friend gave me her old Apple II stuff.  This included the Keyboard Interface Card, Software and the MCMS sound cards.  It took me another 3 years of hunting around to track down a 5 octave Keyboard!